Domain tracking meter
Domain O Meter
The Domain-O-MeterTM is a free website stats monitor and domain name tracking service. Use it to monitor your traffic on any website or domain, parked or being used for a website. For more info, read the FAQ. Steps:
  1. Create Account
  2. Add code to webpage
  3. Login to see stats
That's it!

Domain-O-Meter FAQ

What is the cost?
It's free if you display your data publicly. If you want to keep your traffic information private annual subscriptions start at $29.95

How does it work?
  • If your domain is parked at's parking page (WebWormHole), all you do is create an account at the Domain-O-Meter and add your list of domains that you want monitored. Then update the dns for those domains to our IP servers and email us that list. The rest is automatic.
  • If you are using the domain for a website or parking it elsewhere, you just add the code to your page, create your account at the Domain-O-Meter and add your domains to that account.

No, I mean how does it work?
When you put the code on your page, it causes a very small pop-under window to open. That opening is what we track. Most people never even notice it, and it will only pop-under one time per user session. We put a very small ad in the pop-under, and that's what keeps the service free. If you park the domain at the WebWormHole, then there is no pop-under.

Is it "real time?"
No, it's delayed 24 hours. We process the logs for the previous day and then post the data the next day.

What is it measuring exactly?
Sessions per unique visitor in 24 hours. Usually we tell people to only put the code on their main page, so it'll give you a reasonably good indication of how many people visit your site in a 24 hour period.

What is a session?
Opening a browser and going to a website is a session. If the user closes that browser and comes back later, that would be a second session. If however that person still has the original browser open and simply comes back to your site sometime later, it's still only one session.

Is there a guarantee?
Yea, right. :-) No, there are no guarantees in life and this goes double for the internet.

Is it accurate?
Yes, it's very accurate! It's one of the reasons we created this system to start with. We monitor sessions with cookies and process the logs by comparing IPs. So the numbers are very accurate.

Can I cheat? Inflate my site's stats?
Yes, it's possible. But cheating your website stats is like masterbation. It makes you feel good, but no one else really cares.

Will it work with "free" hosting services?
Yes, as long as you can edit the <head> portion of the page to add the code.

What if I have several domains "parked" or "mirrored" to a single site? Will the Domain-O-Meter track each domain?
Yes, that's the way it's designed to work. Just use the SSI variable <!--#echo var="HTTP_HOST" --> in place of "YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.COM" in the code and it will track each domain separately.

What are some uses of the Domain-O-Meter?
The Domain-O-Meter (DoM for short) is great for those people wanting a simple, free, accurate way to gauge the popularity of their site. Three simple steps and you will know accurately how many visits you have to your site. It's also great for people who buy domains to sell, to "gauge" the popularity of the domain. And you can show them in the list of domains so that people can contact you easily. It's great for those people that use additional domains for their site and want to keep track of the traffic each domain brings. For example if you have registered a typo of your domain name and want to know if it's worth paying the registration fee, the DoM will tell you that information. It's also great for you to use as a way for people to send you email on a domain or site without making your email address public. Our system keeps your email address hidden, not even a spider or harvester can get it off our pages! You can even link directly to that page from you page. For example if you want to send us email, click here.